what is CWTSH?


Being creative is vital to our wellbeing and, indeed, health.

CWTSH is a creative wellbeing network comprising partners based primarily by partners in the Caerphilly County Borough area and supported financially and logistically by Caerphilly CBC Arts Development, Aneurin Bevan Integrated Wellbeing Networks (Caerphilly), Head 4 Arts and Fusion. We have also just received financial support from the Arts Council of Wales.

Our aim is to develop and support creative activities that sustain and enhance wellbeing in our communities, working with our communities.


CWTSH Lockdown Programme 2021

During the autumn 2020, Cwtsh partners ran out a very successful series of online events and activities to support wellbeing in our communities through our Cwtsh Festival to coincide with and support World Mental Health Day.


We then did so again during the Late 2020 October/November lockdown, which again proved successful.

Unfortunately, we once again find ourselves in a lockdown situation as we enter 2021. To support wellbeing in our communities, we have again come together to put a series of regular events and activities.



The latest timetable is below. and you can book for free at our Facebook sit